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About Us

Founded by Caroline McNally and Shannon Riordan, Global Brand Works specializes in translating Brand Strategy into Brand Actualization – in other words, we help clients bring the brand to life throughout an organization, internally and externally. Whether you need to launch, recharge, redesign, or completely reinvent your brand, our experienced leadership and custom approach will get you there.

From start-ups to established global brands, an aligned organization delivers a consistent and compelling brand experience and a shared sense of purpose, which produces better business results.

Clients include SFMOMA, PayPal, Charles Schwab, LifeLock, Kettle Brand Potato Chips, Sutherland, Yodlee, and more.


We do everything brand

Our Difference

Hands on expertise — You work directly with the senior team.

Efficient — We are nimble and practical without bureaucracy.

Single-minded — We specialize in one thing: branding.

We are doing what we love — Shannon and Caroline's 20+ year's business relationship fosters creativity, ego-free brainstorming, and a contagious passion for our work

We've walked in your shoes — The vast majority of our careers have been on the client side

Client Reviews (6)

Add Brand Engagement to your New Hire Program



Shannon and Caroline developed PayPal’s first ever brand engagement program for new hires, which they deliver in-person every other week. New hires love it! The session is constantly rated as one of the most useful, motivating, and fun modules in on-boarding. Results: 98% of participants report that they have a better understanding of the PayPal brand, and 96% report that their role in growing and protecting the PayPal brand is clear. They are true experts on brand and can clearly explain what a brand is and why it matters, with fun anecdotes and compelling stories.

New Hire Program Manager
Financial Services
about 1 year ago
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