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How can GRAYSTON help you grow?

Our mission at GRAYSTON is to:

support eCommerce merchants as they grow their businesses

across four of the six functional areas of business: strategy, marketing, technology, and operations

by applying expert knowledge and tenacious problem solving

in a transparent, friendly, professional environment.

CEO Grace Everitt has an established track record of expertise in eCommerce, having helped dozens of Shopify merchants grow their revenue, improve customer experience and loyalty, boost AOV, and more. She leads a talented team of designers, artists, developers, and strategists equally passionate and committed to the mission. Find out how GRAYSTON can help you grow.

Client Reviews (5)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


We hired Grace E. to help transition our high school bookstore to an online web-store where our customers could purchase their items and have them shipped to their home addresses. Grace and her team's professionalism, quick feedback, and expertise in the market were paramount to our success. We still use rely on Grace and her team's work to continually help us improve our operations. We would 100% hire Grace Everitt Consulting for all of our future endeavors.

Iona Preparatory
Apparel & Fashion
8 months ago
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