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Group8A is a Boutique Consulting firm focused on developing and executing integrated marketing and digital solutions for companies of all sizes. Group 8A focuses on going beyond best practices by our understanding clients and then tailoring solutions specifically to their needs.


Planning, developing and running an e-commerce business is a complicated process. We apply our years of experience in e-commerce management to help make your online business excel.


Pay-per click advertising plays a central role in any online marketing effort, and getting the most out of it requires attention to detail and understanding the industry. We have both, and will use our knowledge and dedication help you oversee and overhaul your AdWords account.


Analytics software provides you with mounds of data about your business, but making sense of it is difficult. We perform an in-depth analysis to provide you with valuable insights about your business.

Platform Development:

Finding the right platform for your business is tough and getting it to work with your site is even harder. We help discover which platform is right for you and simplify the complex process of integration.

Social Media:

Although a relatively new field, we’ve established an extensive record of success in social media marketing. We will develop and execute successful Facebook, YouTube and Twitter strategies, all helping to establish a powerful online presence for your brand.

Email Marketing:

You already have customers but how do you keep them coming back? We perfect and implement an email calendar and campaign tailor made to keep your customers engaged.

Client Reviews (1)

Awesome Agency for our Business

Digital Strategy

Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000

Group 8A worked with us to create our branding, design and marketing strategy. They are instrumental in our e-commerce success and have a fresh approach to the business. I would highly recommend them to others.

Felt Noir -
Apparel & Fashion
over 5 years ago
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