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Who we are

Happy Hippo Media partners with B2C and B2B companies to develop and execute highly customized digital marketing campaigns focused in search engine marketing, social media and content marketing and development.

We have helped our customers:
- Generate leads and sales through both search engine marketing and social media
- Build and develop highly profitable ecommerce (online) stores
- Create meaningful content for brands to appear as the experts in their industry
- Build brand awareness to create important relationships with customers online
- Drive traffic and growth to both physical store locations as well as online media channels
- Defend their online brand positions in search engine marketing and social media platforms

An overview of our agency:

We design and develop beautiful websites, push website rankings to page one of Google, build and manage profitable Google and Facebook/Instagram Ad campaigns, manage social media pages and design and develop email marketing funnels.

Our most important learning in digital marketing is to always go above and beyond for our customers as this builds strong relationships. We partner with our customers in the most convenient ways possible, even offering equity share business models for online stores where possible.

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