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Why we're unique

Don’t think of it as an agency. Think of it as solutions across the breadth of health and wellness marketing communications. These solutions can take the form of analyses, strategies, creativity, or strategic activations, and they all drive to a common objective—to deliver results that meet, or exceed expectations. That’s what Epic is all about.

Havas Life Metro is powered by Havas Worldwide Health, one of the largest global healthcare networks. As such, we utilize globally consistent and proven tools, such as the Creative Business Idea® to help create, build and maintain brands—and maximize their potential.

So no matter the brand challenge, we’ve got the solution. Whether a product in Phase II, a shift in your market dynamic, a brand nearing LOE, a global launch, or a managed market and access opportunity… we can help.

Interested in building a partnership together? Contact Cris Morton (+1.646.621.7610) or Christine D’Appolonia (+1.917.488.4245) and start to experience the Epic.

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