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HEASLEY&PARTNERS is a branding company that since 1994 has been creating The Heart Effect™ in companies and taking them from business to brand to breakthrough and beyond. We work with organizations of all sizes and people using our proprietary HEART& MIND® BRANDING method. In the process we first find the heart, then craft the message, image it and put it into high gear through actions and systems. HEASLEY&PARTNERS works with companies globally because of our high-demand method of building brands, inspiring corporate culture and helping companies and people break through. Additional services include HEART&MIND BRANDING implementation, workshops, exclusive business/branding advisory sessions and brand coaching with the creator of HEART&MIND Branding, Kathy Heasley.

What’s Heart & Mind® Branding? It’s our proprietary philosophy and branding method that lets you take full advantage of your company’s most valuable source of power--your heart--and fully integrate it into the mind aspects of a business. We believe a brand is much more than a logo. It’s your heart brought to life in everything you do.

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Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000

I have done work with Kathy Heasley for about 20 years. She has helped me re-brand my company, re-brand a resort I bought in Sedona and the various items to publish five books, including ghost writing. One book is still a best seller today and we originally published in 2005. I have another being released in October 2019. Kathy and her team are incredibly talented and professional. I recommend them highly.

MC Companies
about 5 years ago
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