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HEASLEY&PARTNERS is a branding company that since 1994 has been creating The Heart Effect™ in companies and taking them from business to brand to breakthrough and beyond. We work with organizations of all sizes and people using our proprietary HEART& MIND® BRANDING method. In the process we first find the heart, then craft the message, image it and put it into high gear through actions and systems. HEASLEY&PARTNERS works with companies globally because of our high-demand method of building brands, inspiring corporate culture and helping companies and people break through. Additional services include HEART&MIND BRANDING implementation, workshops, exclusive business/branding advisory sessions and brand coaching with the creator of HEART&MIND Branding, Kathy Heasley.

What’s Heart & Mind® Branding? It’s our proprietary philosophy and branding method that lets you take full advantage of your company’s most valuable source of power--your heart--and fully integrate it into the mind aspects of a business. We believe a brand is much more than a logo. It’s your heart brought to life in everything you do.

Client Reviews (8)

The Heart of Your Brand - Kathy Heasley is the BEST

Graphic / Communication

Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000

Kathy and her team learned about us, our business and created an overall brand strategy for our firm that has truly been the anchor of all of communications. Kathy is one of those rare people who just GETS it because she listens and she cares. Her entire team is dialed in to high quality delivery and they were on time or early on every single project. If you need a brand and marketing partner, I highly recommend Heasley & Partners.

Maximum IMPACT Partners, Inc.
Financial Services
11 months ago
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