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Service Design as the new marketing frontier

As our name implies, we help forward looking companies and organisations of all sizes explore modern technology and understand how people use it in order to find valuable insights and turn them into new business opportunities, concepts and services. We often get involved with marketing, innovation/R&D and IT departments.

We use service design thinking, processes and methods to help you innovate. The reason why service logic works so well in this digital age is because the internet is becoming a service layer on top of the physical world. Our passion is to design fun and meaningful everyday services using tools such as websites, sensors, social networks, displays and mobile applications.

We believe in looking at the bigger picture using research and touchpoint planning to frame the right challenges. Only then can we create innovative solutions and tiny interesting details to make your products and services irresistible.

We believe in combining science and madness. Mixing business strategy, design thinking, creativity and cutting-edge technology in order to create the unexpected.

We strongly believe that your brand is what you do – You have to live it.

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