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About Us

We believe that in a world where people are constantly bombarded by marketing messages, the key to standing out is being honest, authentic and engaging. We believe you shouldn’t bang people over the head with your message, but share with them your vision and make real connections with an audience that shares your values.

To do that we love collaborating with great companies and asking a million questions so that we can figure out what makes you tick and how we can connect with your audience. Having a background in business and branding helps us make sure that the film is not just pretty, but effective.

Every brand has a story and we would love to help tell yours.

Client Reviews (1)

Great Vision

Video Production


The company I work for hired Honest Motion for a branding commercial. From the start they were very attentive to the companies needs and vision. I was in constant contact on how things were being handled and they were always more than happy to answer questions quickly and promptly. During production Honest Motion's team worked like a well oiled machine, they had everything planned down to the last minute. During the editing process the turn around was extremely fast and Honest Motion provided everything that the company needed. The commercial came out great and overall Honest Motion was very easy to work with.

Marketing and Advertising
over 1 year ago
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