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What We Do:

Based in Alexandria, VA, IMGE is a full-service digital agency founded in 2013. With over 45 years of combined digital campaign and advocacy experience at the highest levels, Phil Cox, Ethan Eilon, Gerrit Lansing, and Gary Coby serve as the firm’s core leadership team. Previously responsible for directing online efforts at the national presidential level and for Fortune 25 companies, these partners now direct IMGE's 40+ digital experts.

What makes us different? We are not a legacy company with digital services stapled on. We have created a uniquely structured, forward-looking firm built for the digital age. Our investments make it clear. We have poured over $750,000 into our best-in-class digital advertising stack. And we have made the biggest investment where it matters most: our team.

At IMGE, all of our experts are in-house. Not only that, we use a team-of-teams structure in our firm. Every client has access to a fully accountable, full-service team. We practice radical transparency so our our clients always see what we are working on - and how it is working.

That is the theory of what makes us different. In practice, it has yielded big wins for our clients. In 2018 alone, we worked in 34 states and 115 races. We sent over 1.8 million peer-to-peer text messages and over 82 million emails. And we wrapped up the year with a major victory: our national advocacy campaign helped pass major criminal justice reform.

Let us show you how we can win for you.


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