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Product design & development studio delivering software at the intersection of digital and physical

We treat every project as if it’s our own. Our client’s success is the only measure of our success. We engage and challenge the thinking behind all stages of the project.

We’re here not to execute on the brief - but to give real thought to what the intent and the end goal is. Design and technology are then used as tools to deliver.

Having worked a lot with startups we understand that mistakes are inevitable.
We advise clients on reducing the impact of those mistakes and how to draw the right conclusions from them.

A big part of that is making sure the client does not overspend on product development and features that do not validate a hypothesis. We want our clients to spend less with us.

We are a purposefully small company, there is a limit to how big we want to grow. For us, the magic number is 75. This means that the CEO, CTO, and COO are directly involved in every project.

We are known to execute extremely well under severe time constraints.

We mentor startups for Google and have been part of numerous startups that have been acquired by companies like Microsoft and Roku or who have gone public.



Our capabilities include:
• UX Strategy
• Clickable prototypes
• Coded, full-color designs and templates (Live UI)
• Coded, full-color, and modular Style Guides (Pattern Libraries)
• CMS integration
• API integration
• Backend Development
• Frontend Development

Client Reviews (2)


Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000

After an exhaustive agency search we landed at iFM to both further the digital brand design and re-platform our mobile app. Though I'm typically skeptical of agencies that offer both design and development (I've rarely seen both done well), after meeting Kacper and his crew of UX/UI, design and engineering experts, I changed my mind. From our 2-day workshop to the final switchover to deployment, iFM was engaged, communicative and forthright — not to mention whip smart and pragmatic in their approach. Through sharing ideas, best practices, and experience we together pulled off one of the most elaborate responsive app ever created. In the end, while we will constantly be iterating the functionalities, it will be iFM who has won the right to lead our development in the future. I highly recommend using them for your project. And ask them for the champagne. The good kind. You'll need it when you celebrate.

over 5 years ago
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