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Mobile and Blockchain experts

Our company was founded in 2008 by a group of systems engineers. We have since created successful software products in a wide range of industries, such as education, fashion, social media and fintech.

We are mobile apps experts, focusing on native technologies for iOS and Android, as well as React Native for cross-platform solutions. We have a keen interest in blockchain technology, with experience in Hyperledger, Ethereum smart contracts, and ERC20 token creation. 

Our process covers the full development cycle, from idea to product launch, including discovery, design, software architecture and IT, hardware scaling, cloud platforms, development, testing, ethical hacking, product training and maintenance.

We have worked with locally and internationally renowned clients within the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.

Client Reviews (1)

These guys are the real deal


We had an app idea we wanted to bring to life. Our team didn't know where to start and had no experience selecting software companies. We created a candidate pool with several freelancers and development companies, but it was nearly impossible to choose based on our limited knowledge.

Then, we met Omar from InMind. After interviewing with Omar, it was obvious that he knew his stuff. We decided to select InMind out of 4 other final companies.

The best part is, I'm confident we couldn't have made a better decision. These guys proved over and over that they knew their stuff, that they were professional in every sense of the word, they were always communicative and available, and that they could produce quality work every time.

We were so incredibly happy with how it turned out that we decided to pursue another project with them, and plan to continue using them for all of our software needs.

Truly, if you are unsure about who to go to for building your app or program, you absolutely cannot go wrong with InMind. These guys are the real deal.

almost 6 years ago
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