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About Us

Intrepy is an award-winning healthcare marketing agency offering industry-leading digital marketing solutions to help healthcare organizations reach new patients.

We offer digital marketing services that include website design, SEO, digital advertising, graphic design, social media management, content marketing, social media advertising, reviews generation and physician liaison training.

Our goal is to generate new, trackable revenue by establishing your brand online, increase visibility and converting targeted traffic.


Examples of What We Do

Here are some portfolio examples of services Intrepy Healthcare Marketing offers. We handle graphic design, website design, SEO, reputation and reviews management, branding, social media management, content marketing and more. Contact us to request more amazing client examples and see recently launched project. Enjoy!

Client Reviews (2)

Wed Design & Digital Marketing for Physician

Healthcare Marketing

Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000

Intrepy is a top notch healthcare marketing agency! They have done a wonderful job helping me establish and grow my personal brand reach online. My goal was to attract more patients to my practice and establish myself as a thought leader in my areas of focus. They handled my medical website design and have grown my Twitter to over 10,000 followers. I recommend them for any of your medical marketing needs.

Infectious Disease Physician & Owner
The ID Doc
Medical Practice
over 3 years ago
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