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Brand Collaborative

We are a company that is focused on a holistic view of brand. A brand is not simply a logo or identity, it is a powerful force that motivates and guides both the internal culture of your employees and the external culture of your customers. In truth, great brands today are a collaboration between your leadership, your employees and the customers you serve.

Intrinzic has built a company dedicated to the concept of collaboration, helping progressive brands understand and capitalize on the unique collaboration they have between their organizations and the marketplace.

For us, collaboration represents a way of thinking and working. Culture develops as a result of collaboration, both inside your organization and outside in the marketplace. Gathering diverse opinions, finding the commonalities, building on each other’s ideas and aspirations brings people and ideas together under a common flag. We’re able to see things collectively that we could never see independently.

In the end, collaboration builds brands and culture that are impossible to replicate, true to their organization, influential in the marketplace, and ultimately create a sense of ownership and belonging. That is the true definition of brand.

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