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ISO 9001 Certified agency delivering solutions over Mobile, Web, Cloud and IoT.

Intuz is a leading global digital agency providing end-to-end software development services on Mobile, Cloud, Web & IoT. We are based out of San Francisco, California and India.

We are an ISO 9001 certified, Microsoft partner and AWS Cloud Consulting Partner organization, with 10 years of Consulting and Development experience, and a global clientele from 45+ countries.

Intuz has delivered solutions for more than 14+ Industries so far, and have empowered tech start-ups to SMBs to Enterprises globally via developing Lucid Consumer Applications to Effective Enterprise Applications.

Our Service Offerings:
Digital Consulting
Mobile Product Design
Mobile App Development
Web App Development
Cloud Consulting and Deployment
Blockchain Development
App Marketing

Our B2B partner engagement allows digital agencies globally to outsource development on fixed bid or hire remote developers on monthly or dedicated basis.

Our Tech Offerings:

Native iOS App Development
Native Android App Development
React Native App development
Node js Development
Angular js Development
Fullstack Development

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- No boilerplate approach, proper attention to each project.
- Detailed & insightful specifications.
- Business growth insight is always included.
- While it is easier said than done, we take time to learn your project in and out.
- We are not bulk project company. We put in the same passion for the project as you do.

Client Reviews (5)

Virdition exist only because of my Intuz team


Over 8 years ago I had a vision of creating a virtual auditioning and competition platform, with no background in technology I ventured into this project. My vision was big and my expectations where even bigger. I was introduced to Intuz by a local web designer in my city and we began working on my vision. Like I said, I was naive to technology but I knew what I wanted and I couldn't have found a better team to help me put it together. Like a baby that I was in tech, my team took me by the hand and patiently developed every aspect of what is a highly functioning platform that includes networking, creating & managing auditions, competition and setting appointments to do video conference auditions from the Virdition platform. Together we are transforming a whole industry from the traditional audition to the new way of virtual auditioning which is Virditioning. Intuz is my team and they will always be my team, they have been there for me in the good times and bad. I have never had a problem in any way, we communicate as if we were living next door to each other, they give me consul when I need it, they research my curiosities and come back with solutions to make what I envision come to life. With the ever changing internet Virdition could only be what it is because of my team Intuz. They have helped me build something that people only dream about and for that I love these guys each and every person that works on Virdition daily for the last 8 years. This is more than just a review this is me expressing my sincere appreciation and gratitude for what they have done for me. I you have a vision or a specific project let me recommend my team like they were recommend to me 8 years ago.

over 6 years ago
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