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We are a Full Service Digital Agency

Ten years ago, we changed our company name to our first names. We were also just two guys in 2012, working out of a friend’s attic. Our new name was an acknowledgment of a more authentic sense of who we were; an honest take on who we are; and a rebuke of our industry peers and their tendency to use the agency founder’s last names. To put it more bluntly, we’ve always liked the idea of being on a first-name basis with our clients.

As we’ve grown as an agency, we’ve also discovered that that last idea — about the first-name basis — to be precious. To the many people we are fortunate enough to call our clients and friends, we aren’t referred to as James & Matthew. We’re just Jim and Matt; a higher level of familiarity. It’s an honor we hope never goes away. Things have changed immensely since we were two guys in that attic. We’ve brought on incredible talent. People who work extremely hard; faithful team members on whom we can rely; and new partners. Force multipliers. We’re grateful for every one of them. With that, we introduce ourselves as JXM.

JXM is a full-service digital-first agency. When you work with us, we'll only do what's right for your needs, goals, & objectives. That could mean acting as your full-service creative & media department or simply helping lift the heavier campaigns. No matter what you need, we'll create a customized process and provide a better, unrivaled client service experience.


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JXM delivers results...PERIOD!


My experience working with JXM was at two different organizations from 2012 - 2014 and then again from 2016 - 2021. I chose to hire them to manage our digital adverting and campaign creative needs. I choose them based on their past success with digital campaigns, their hunger to provide excellent service, and most importantly because they were fun. They are not a set it and forget it kind of agency that you have to constantly hound for communication. Consistent communication, exceeding my exceptions with service, and delivering results in terms of driving higher awareness and conversions is what sets them apart from other agencies.

Director of Marketing and Communications
Michigan Dental Association
Health, Wellness and Fitness
over 1 year ago
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