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Building Better Brands That Build Better Spaces

At Kleber & Associates, we don’t try to be experts in every product category. We don’t work on running shoes one minute and computers the next. Instead, we focus exclusively on just one type of account—building products.

For nearly three decades, we’ve lived and breathed commercial and residential building products. We’ve come to know the architects, the builders and the contractors. We’ve talked endlessly with facilities managers, dealers and distributors. We’ve learned how to reach them and persuade them. And because we focus on just one industry, we know that industry’s gatekeepers and influencers, its media outlets and buyers.

We know how to generate demand and drive distribution. And, perhaps most important, in the residential segment, we understand what homeowners and homebuyers think, what they want to buy, and what they’ll be buying next. In the commercial segment, we understand the needs of the architect, contractor, facilities manager, owner and tenant.

In other words, when it comes to building materials and building products, we don’t consider ourselves to be general practitioners of marketing, PR and advertising. We’re specialists, pure and simple. That’s why we’re the best at what we do.

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