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About Us

LED is a dynamic entertainment design and production agency that delivers innovative, strategically based entertainment solutions that engage audiences, build brands and win business.

LED produces world class entertainment solutions for corporations, associations, not-for-profits, public programs, and private individuals. L.E.D. also offers subcontracting services to a wide variety of communications, advertising & public relations firms as well as meeting & event producers worldwide.

At L.E.D. all of our entertainment solutions are based on a strategic platform of purposeful design. We craft our solutions to reflect the positioning and messaging of our client’s unique brand attributes. We leverage engaging entertainment to speak a message to audiences, connect them emotionally with your brand and ultimately move them to a desired behavioral outcome.

LED services include:
• Entertainment Design and Production Services
• Strategic & Consulting Services
• Event Direction and Support Services
• Award-Winning Experience Packages


Experience Design

“We believe great ideas are only great if they serve to meet and exceed our clients’ business objectives.”

LED is a world class entertainment design and production agency. We don’t just provide talented performers for your next event or function, we deliver innovative, strategically based entertainment solutions that engage audiences, surpass client expectations and win business.

In addition to custom designed entertainment solutions of every type and theme, LED offers “Experience Packages” that feature proven, award winning themes at value driven prices. Here are examples of some of our custom entertainment solutions and more popular package themes:

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