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Brand Naming Experts

Sonos, Swiffer, Tidal, Dasani, Gimlet, PowerBook, Febreze, FreeForm, Pentium, BlackBerry, OnStar — all names created by Lexicon Branding. Since 1982, Lexicon has successfully completed more than 3,900 assignments in 19 countries. We are, arguably, the most inventive company in this category with over $350 billion dollars of products sold that carry a Lexicon-created brand name.

Why do some brand names generate interest and excitement while others simply go unnoticed? The answer lies in how words or phrases connect to thought and emotion to deliver a relevant but unexpected new idea. No other company knows more about how to develop brand names that connect a company with its consumers than Lexicon.

Our approach combines strategy and creative development, linguistic analysis, trademark assessments, and consumer research. As a result, we deliver a strategic solution on every assignment — a solution that supports both business and marketing goals. No other firm integrates these elements as seamlessly or comprehensively as Lexicon Branding.

While creativity and originality drive our work, we support our creative approach with a commitment, investing deeply in the development of proprietary knowledge and software to help us create, screen, and assess potential solutions. We also pioneered the development of consumer research models designed specifically for evaluating names and nomenclature. While our WorldBrand® network of more than 85 linguists across 55 countries assures that a Lexicon Brand name can travel the world.

Today, with a staff of more than 27 professionals and offices in Sausalito, California and an EU Branch in Amsterdam, we provide clients with all the services and experience they need to develop, select, and evaluate brand names.

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