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We want to start a fire!

Some will argue that we should differentiate between stories about people and stories about brands.

However, behind every brand or a great product is a result of human vision, struggle for perfection, and teamwork. That is what makes a great story - the human journey through the struggle to create something beautiful, useful, and inspirational, something good.

Using all digital marketing means, we aim to find the best way to tell that story. Be it a cinematic brand video, social media web series, online campaign, article, or podcast.

We want to start a fire, but let’s ensure we are using the right fuel before we do so.

Client Reviews (1)

Professional, open-minded, and result-oriented!

Video Production


Throughout the whole duration of the project we had with Lights & Shadows, we have experienced high professionalism, a sense of responsibility, open-mindedness, and the willingness to go beyond those sometimes invisible limits to reach the objective. Thank you to the team!

Armenian Holy Apostolic Church Canadian Diocese
about 1 year ago
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