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Production Matters

Founded in 1999, LionStar Films is an award-winning video production company based in Atlanta, GA. We are a diverse group of video & advertising professionals dedicated to producing dynamic stories for brands and agencies alike. Whether its commercial needs for broadcast or video content for social & digital needs, our team focuses on doing one thing - making compelling video that is worth watching.

For Advertising Agencies, we are the perfect production company to bolt-on and help bring your broadcast (or digital) concepts to life. Our roster of carefully-curated Directors, Cinematographers and Photographers, along with our full-time Production and Post-Production staff brings scale to your existing Creative & Production departments.

For Brands, we help bring a turn-key solution to your Marketing and/or Communication needs. For us, storytelling transcends all forms of video. Our brand-direct expertise spans from documentary-style videos, to corporate interviews, to animated explainers — videos that inform & engage.

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