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trade4target is a pure research company focusing on Technical Analysis that provides real time financial markets recommendation (Trading Signals) to its customers for intra-day and short term trading on real time data. The vision of “trade4target is to become the finest Research Conglomerate” and create Professional Financial Market traders in India and Globally and offer value proposition to them. trade4target has grown manifold in last 5 years delivering returns to its Customers, Human Capital, Promoters and Associates. We have separate divisions devoted to research, customer service and marketing to facilitate the client by our prominent services. We believe in building a client relationship and satisfaction which comes out of our tireless efforts in our core competency of Technical Research. Our members are now inheriting trade4target’s legacy of more than 550,000 Hours of experience, innovative techniques and DOs & DON’Ts to be Successful in Financial Market Trading. Our Customer Support is backed by Qualified and Experienced Research Team, Technology, Multiple Communication Platform, Dedicated 24/7 CSG. We have a team of highly Qualified Analysts who are skilled and impeccable in their Analysis. Our Analysts, using their Experience and latest Software Tools, are able to predict the movements in share market on time and with high accuracy. As a result, using our tips, our clients gain the most out of the share market. We offer diversified range of services as per the Investments of an Investor, Trader or a Broker. COMPANY HISTORY AND SETUP: trade4target was founded by Mr. sahil sharma in 2005. He was a voracious trader in his college days who has done all the mistakes which a trader should not do and has initially lost lot of money leveraging his savings 10 times. Over a period of time he learnt trading techniques and learned to trade successfully. The interest in analysing the dynamics of the market let Mr. rishabh and some college-mates to form trade4target in 2005, which initially began as a discussion group on Yahoo. In 2006, it was registered as a four page website that discussed market trends, investment tips and provided a discussion forum. Company got set up in 2008 with the Vision of generating a 50,000 employment in the country by 2050 and then in just couple of 6 months when the company got set up, the team of just three people join trade4target with the same vision and now has grown to become a 500 strong entity which was started from a Small Room and now it captures 32,000 square feet of space and moving towards to achieve the vision together. trade4target has its head office at Bangalore, which is a hub for India`s information technology sector. We have operational offices in delhi, mumbai, madurai and chennai, as the company wants to create a network PAN India and across globe. Also we are planning to add 20 more centres in next 15 months across India. COMPANY ACHIEVEMENTS & GROWTH: In a very short span of 5 years Company has grown exceptionally by delivery performance, growth, customer satisfaction, product development, process enhancement and creating a Brand. And this success is measurable when we look our below achievements: trade4target has been consistently delivering revenue growth of more than 100% in last 3 years. Company has been Cash Rich, Profitable, and Debt Free year on year. Company has been Self-Funded the entire growth and expansion. trade4target has cleared all its process as per International Organization for Standardization and is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. trade4target employs more than 500 professionals in span of less than 3 years with less than 7% attrition. trade4target has more than 2500 existing customers across country. Company has established local brand in terms of employment and corporate social responsibility. Almost Paperless operations which are strictly followed in the organization. Have created an effective 3 levels of Managers which includes Management, Senior Leadership Team and Department Leaders which makes it close to 30 people. Putting up major Key Matrices, Performance Measurement Indicators and Management Information System in place which makes us competent in this industry.