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Creative Stategists™

At Looney Advertising and Branding we believe that strategic development is a creative process, so much so, we trademarked it.

The most important skill for solving any problem is creativity--the ability to generate a variety of unique, culturally relevant insights by combining a network of rational and emotional ideas. Our ability to nail your reason for being is why our integrated marketing campaigns connect so well with consumers across all media channels. Our hybrid approach is smarter, faster, and it works.


Case Studies

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Client Reviews (4)

They tell our story really, really well.


This is an agency that’s got a tremendous amount of experience and there is a level of professionalism here and attention to detail in the work that we’ve never had before. We were not telling our story at all before, but the team at Looney is doing a great job of it.

We did a very thorough agency review that began with a search and an RFP process. The team at Looney were incredibly engaged throughout that process and really impressed us by how they approached their response.

We began to see some early success after a few months of onboarding and ramping up and those early wins kept piling up as we continued to increase media spend.

There were two critical moments that definitely reinforced our decision to bring Looney on as our agency. The first was how efficiently they used our resources to produce some really incredible commercials for digital video. They matched up that efficiency with an incredibly well targeted media buy that was equally efficient. I have never had this level of traffic before.

The second moment was the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The team at Looney jumped in with 100% commitment to help us every step of the way. They pivoted quickly and helped us navigate this crisis adeptly. We would absolutely have struggled through this so much more had Looney not been our agency. I cannot thank the team enough for all they have done thus far.

The lift in activity levels has been incredible. Overall website traffic has been more than double previous levels, leads have increased by more than 150% and market share has increased significantly. The numbers speak for themselves.

Benzel-Busch Motor Car Corp
almost 4 years ago
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