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About Us

Communication specialists using innovative productions to achieve corporate objectives.

Over the last 5 years we've been working with some of the biggest organisations in the country, helping them tackle some of their biggest corporate issues through the power of clever story telling!

Our innovative approach to production work is unlike any others and is based on over 20 years broadcast journalism background. What we produce is authentic, believable, trustworthy, genuine and focused. Combine that with some of the best technicians in their field today and we end up with short but highly effective pieces that connect with the target audience.

Our approach is based on experience, a psychology background and a strong grip on the latest technological advances.

Clients include Rio Tinto, Shell, Bankwest, RAC, HBF, AIM, AGC, Macmahon, Atlas Iron, Roy Hill, Dept of Transport, Black Swan Theatre, WA Ballet, WA Opera, Barking Gecko Theatre and many more.

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