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Design through understanding

maform is a Budapest-based design studio founded in 2010. Our motto is: design through understanding. We believe the essential harmony of cultural context, usability, form and function can be reached by the deep understanding of the processes surrounding the subject of design. By rethinking the whole concept behind our works, we can come up with solutions never seen before, in a style that truly stands out.

Our professional design services department works in the fields of transportation design, product design and UI/UX design.

Our product development department works on own designs from idea to realisation and marketing. This helps us to have thorough comprehensive knowledge in several fields and activities.

We understand the latest trends in design and technology, which allows us to realize innovative ideas.

We are part of evopro group since October 2013. evopro group is a multinational company offering engineering services, founded in 2001. In 2013 the group had more than 1000 engineers worldwide and a revenue of €70M. We work in close cooperation on integrated projects with evopro. Together, we can offer design and engineering services from idea to production, including mechanical, electrical and manufacturing design.

Client Reviews (4)

Great experience to work with Maform


First we hired Maform to help us with our branding. After the branding was done, we started to deepen our business relationship more and more. Now Maform performs all kind of product design and marketing work for us. Since two years we have now been working together. I'm very happy with the level of professionalism and their nice attitude towards customers.

Zippsafe AG
Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
about 4 years ago
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