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About Us

Magnopus forges design, art, and technology to create new experiences across augmented reality, virtual reality, and good ol'​ fashioned reality reality.

We are empowered by an Academy Award-winning team of designers, artists, engineers, and "get it done"​ producers who bring a diverse body of experience and creative solutions to the field.

Our unique focus on story and content-driven technology development gives us advanced access to some of our partner's over-the-horizon hardware and software developments in light field technology, holographic and translucent displays, HMDs, performance capture, and new human computing interfaces.

We're honored to have a diverse team of talented individuals building products and experiences that have a positive impact on people's everyday lives, whether in entertainment, education, industry, or government.


VR, AR and beyond

The award-winning team of creative technologists, digital artists, VR directors, and engineers use world-class hardware and software to achieve the highest levels of immersion and visual fidelity.

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