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Why we're unique

Maguire Associates is a research-based consulting firm serving educational institutions exclusively. For over 30 years, we have applied innovations in market research, analysis, and predictive modeling to help our clients:

• Understand the dynamics of past performance;
• Apply insightful knowledge to sound decision-making in the present; and
• Attain future outcomes critical to the health and vitality of their institutions.

Our team has helped advance enrollment management, institutional marketing, competitive positioning and branding, and strategic planning in education – nationally and abroad – through a range of services. As researchers, we help clients develop a deeper understanding of the values, priorities, and perceptions of important constituent groups by conducting in-depth survey research. As consultants, we use sophisticated modeling and forecasting to convert data into knowledge that informs client decision-making and best practices in administration, management, marketing, and communications.

Whether working to tackle a crisis or framing a proactive strategy, we have a strong record of helping clients to achieve positive outcomes. This – along with our collegiality, commitment, and cost effectiveness – accounts for the number of clients who have partnered with us repeatedly over the years.

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