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Why we're unique

+ A multicultural agency
+ Our Model: A community-based approach to marketing and advertising.

+ About Us:
The honest truth is we are a team of all-stars! Our experience comes from all grounds of the advertising, advocacy, digital and creative world. We are strategists and experts in our specific fields but simply put we are also individuals with big hearts and big ideas. As scholars and role models we work hard everyday to connect, inspire, create, and deliver awesomeness.

+ Our Mission:
As a collective, we aim to co-create solutions for client and industry problems. This means empowering communities and providing creative strategies that will connect, influence and engage an ever changing multicultural marketplace. We are communication advocates that represent the underrepresented and bring to life our clients’ goals through our talent and work.

+ Our Vision:
Our vision reflects our work and the community. It’s about making a difference and most importantly it’s about challenging others to think differently. As our communities grow, our clients’ needs grow to reach them and that’s when we come together, much like a super team.

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