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About Matlock Advertising & Public Relations

Matlock is one of the nation's leading authorities on multicultural marketing and public relations.

For 25 years, we have created award-winning campaigns for some of the world's most recognized brands. With an Uncommon Understanding of our clients and their unique markets, we design extraordinary brand experiences that engage multicultural consumers. We know that engaged consumers become loyal customers who sustain brands and enhance reputations.

Whether it is through advertising, public relations or crisis management, we maximize and protect our clients’ most valuable assets: their brands and reputations.

Client Reviews (1)

Small agency with many issues


I was recruited for a position by upper management. Once hired, the position was not as described. Other issues include a very toxic environment in higher management for years, with no course of action. If you make a complaint to higher management, expect retaliation. There is no onboarding/training. The benefits are below average, as Kaiser is the only option for medical benefits. There is no 401K. Employees pay for their own parking. Only 30 minutes is allowed for lunch. Time entry is required for salary employees.

Private User
Public Relations and Communications
almost 2 years ago
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