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About Us

Unleashing Scalable Growth for Small and Midsized Businesses
Since 2002, Matrix Marketing Group, located in Denver, Colorado, and Burlington, Vermont, is the world's first AI digital marketing agency.

We Don’t Just Promise, and We Prove It With over 1,500 proven successes.

Next Level Marketing
For the Next Stage of Your Business – Powered by AI Marketing
Leveraging AI to build better strategies, people, and technologies.

AI goes way beyond mere automation and efficiency. We solved that years ago. AI must encompass inspiring self-discovery, encouraging creativity, and fostering personal fulfillment. We help you leverage AI for product development, branding, and launching products and services. And that’s good business!

For Startups
Since 2002, we have partnered closely with startups, offering expert product and brand design guidance. Our unparalleled track record showcases over 35 successful exits, with our esteemed startup clients collectively raising over $525M+.

We help startup teams and entrepreneurs realize their dream. We help quickly with strategic planning and research, ideas generation, face-based concept development, and commercialization programs. Our design services have played an integral role in their remarkable journey toward triumph. And today, we bring AI to our product line. We are now introducing brands and products to the market with unprecedented speed and quality, surpassing all previous achievements.

For SMB and Enterprise
Our company provides holistic solutions for brand development and product design, catering to established businesses and brands. Our expertise lies in aligning their vision with the present and setting a strategic design foundation for future growth.

Our mission is to ensure businesses develop offerings that meet customer needs and expectations in innovative, practical, and valuable ways to a frictionless sale. A successful product launch can lead to a significant increase in sales and revenue with AIProdPad employed. With us, businesses can enhance their reflection of the current state of their operations while paving the way for sustained success with an AI-driven solution from MatrixAI.

Our proven method enables shorter sales cycles, larger deal sizes, higher close rates, more focused resources, and increased profitable revenue growth. And all of these are of these improvements are achieved simultaneously.

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