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About Us

Marketing for High Growth Companies | Marketing Has Changed. Change with It

The Power of a Proven 14-Year Track Record.

Since 2002, Matrix Marketing Group has helped businesses in manufacturing, technology, and business services with less than $100 million in annual revenue.

Our team of professionals has a clear understanding of how their actions impact your revenue goals. They continually expand their knowledge and capabilities, manage complex technologies integration, and devise strategies and campaigns that have an impact on your business goals.

Matrix Marketing Group addresses your business'ā€‹ specific goals. We are nimble, action-oriented and can quickly leverage real-time marketing opportunities. Everyone on the team has a clear view of the future and becomes a seamless extension of your team. We use the agile methodology with our closed-loop sales and marketing system to manage inbound and outbound activities in real-time.

We have the depth and breadth unlike any traditional ad, marketing, PR, Web and design agencies that exist today. Now, you can get a strategic and affordable perspective all from one partner: Matrix Marketing Group offers integrated marketing solutions that traditional agencies are not set up to handle.

Instead of making incremental improvements to your marketing and sales silos, our holistic approach allows us to coordinate all marketing activities to facilitate your customer'sā€™ buying process and help you sell more. Our proven method enables shorter sales cycles, larger deal sizes, higher close rates, more focused resources, and increase profitable revenue growth. And, all of these are of these improvements are achieved simultaneously.

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