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We are redefining interactive

MaxMedia creates digital experience campaigns for some of the world's most admired brands, engaging audiences across channels and over time.

We believe it isn't enough to simply market to your audience. Our passion is influencing consumer behavior and driving results by creating integrated solutions that leave lasting impressions and build brand loyalty. MaxMedia leverages user insight, digital strategy, award winning creative,
and the right technology to design innovative, high impact solutions.


Discovery is the critical planning phase of any project; we start by identifying and defining high-level goals and objectives. Next, we work collaboratively with our clients to brainstorm ideas, define the projects priorities, features, and implementation roadmap to ensure we can successfully deliver the desired solution.

The Design phase advances the solution and prioritizes project components established during the Discover phase into an evolved design. This phase includes information design, design refinement, graphical implementation, technical specifications, content migration, and usability testing.

The Development phase is where we bring it all together. Regardless of what we’re implementing we’ll fully design and build the solution as we envisioned it. Once we have a working solution we go through a rigorous QA process to ensure it all works as designed.

The final phase of the project is a well-defined process at MaxMedia. Code is required to pass through a number of checkpoints, content is verified, assets are optimized, and infrastructure fully tested to ensure a painless go-live. Once were live we’ll monitor the solution looking for ways to optimize and refine.

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