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Move The Needle

Do you want your company spokesperson quoted about issues that affect your customers? Want a review of your product or service in a magazine? Deserve awards, but don't win any? Interested in speaking at an industry event? Need help to keep up with blog writing? Search results and web traffic falling?

We can help.

MediaFirst's stellar results come from:

Industry & Communications Knowledge
Strategic Marketing
Rigorous Task Execution
Supreme Media Relations
Established Process

MediaFirst’s long-standing relationships with media outlets enhance your relationship with the media.

Targeted pitches to the right media give credence and endorsement to your firm's products, services, successes, and spokespersons.

Our media relations strategy promotes your large markets, solid management team, clear value proposition, and ability to execute. These tie directly to your venture's valuation.

We help the media do their job. The media trust us, so they trust you.

Many clients have successfully sold their company. These exits are the dream of management teams and venture capital investors.

A consistent, timely PR process is best for accomplishing your goals and we craft press releases that consistently and periodically expose your successes and initiatives to your target audience and via the media. Press coverage is a third party endorsement of your management, product or firm by various media outlets. Having the support of industry and business media boosts your brand and company’s value in the eyes of your target audiences.

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