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About Merrehill Marketing

We specialise in B2B email marketing, fax marketing (or fax broadcasting), SEO and web design.

We utilise the biggest & cleanest fax and email lists in the UK (currently 1.22 million Business on Email and 860,000 fax numbers Deliverable - December 2008) as well as France, Germany & Scandinavia. You don't have to take our word for it, just contact us to run a trial to see if we can deliver the results you need. We have had Fax Campaigns or Email Campaigns organised and sent in less than 24 hours - including the design!. We also offer a range of data services B2B & B2C lists for your targeted sales and marketing campaigns.

We deliver campaigns in full. Email campaigns are usually over-delivered by around 10% and fax campaigns by around 1%. If for some reason we deliver less than what was ordered we credit note or replace the invoice for the correct amount.

Reports are available at no extra cost (Reads and Click Throughs). We can even supply a list where you can call the bulk of those who Clicked yourself, if they are not on the TPS (Telephone Preference Service). If you are too busy to follow these up we can call them for you and pass on the actual leads - this is an extra service, speak to your Account Manager for details

If your business requires:

More sales leads for your sales team
More orders
Increased levels of traffic to your website
To build your own targeted emailing or fax mailing lists
To build brand awareness or launch a new product
To manage your own lists for your Email or fax campaigns
Merrehill has the solution for your business. We can improve your sales by getting you leads and deliver awareness for your product and services through innovative technology. Getting results is what we do.

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