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About Us

Video projects too often under-deliver because they are not produced in a way that will maximize the video's effectiveness on the platforms and channels where it ultimately needs to live.

We fix this problem by applying our unique, award-winning experience working with the industry's best content creators and video marketers, expertise in data and video distribution, and understanding of the inputs (such as length+format, look+feel, technical specs) at each stage of the production process that will maximize achievement of the video's goals.

And we marry this method with indie film-caliber artistry in order to deliver content that is not only effective but cutting-edge and culturally-impactful.

Our sole mission is to maximize results from your video investment, and we have a demonstrated track record of doing so with this unique and differentiated approach.

Client Reviews (2)

M/DE Helped My Mid-size Media Company Enter and Scale our Video Content Business

Video Production

Budget Range
$120,000 - $200,000

As SVP of Revenue at a mid-size media company, I'm constantly looking for entrepreneurial, professional partners to help us grow our business.
M/DE produced innovative and effective creative, and on the very quick turnaround we needed, so much so that we've made them our go-to video production partner and are building a go-forward revenue model around them and their unique capabilities. I'm very much looking forward to working with them on an ongoing basis in the future.

SVP of Revenue
4 months ago
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