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About MKTG

We are a full service lifestyle marketing agency specializing in the live event and experiential space. We’ve been in business for 25 years and our outlook is simple: The more human a brand can be, the more people will connect to it and value adopting it. Our job is to humanize brands and connect them to passionate communities everywhere.

MKTG INC operates internationally building global, national and local communities around brands by engaging consumers through experiential events and strategies via live, digital and social media engagements. We’re uniquely designed to scale and reach impassioned audiences around the World, as well as in their own backyards.

Headquartered in New York, with offices in Atlanta, Cincinnati, Chicago, London, Los Angeles and San Francisco, we have over 6,500 full-time brand ambassadors, 42 field offices, and produce over 70,000 brand experiences each year.


Clients & Case Studies

Humanity | Trust is a Differentiator

MKTG drives trusted brand loyalty by rooting ourselves deeply in human insights and capitalizing upon opportunities to connect brands to people around the world.
In a world where personal connections are increasingly bridged by technologies and digital content, our ability to enable openness, honesty and vulnerability creates a climate that’s uniquely authentic. We are uniquely structured to manage sponsorships and scaled activations - from 1-to-1 to mass audiences. As a global agency with a network of experts across numerous marketing channels, we develop through-the-line campaigns that leverage sponsorships, brand partnerships and events. Another tool in our amplification arsenal is our proprietary network of over 7,000 highly-trained brand ambassadors who have worked with MKTG for years across our portfolio. We believe great experiences that leverage a sponsorship, brand or event, empower people to attain more than they could on their own. By employing integrated digital, social and mobile innovation, our strategic platforms scale brand impact to super-human proportions.

Client Reviews (1)

Experiential project in NYC


Carter, Senior Manager from MKTG was an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly organised, enthusiastic and nothing was too much of a challenge! Highly recommended and looking forward to working again together in the near future!

Private User
Marketing Manager - North America
about 5 years ago
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