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In today's digital revolution, many are building software because they can. Few are building software because they should. MSTQ helps software teams create something meaningful.

Led by Yazin Akkawi, MSTQ is the design practice for modern age, working at the intersection of engineering, art and psychology. We’ve seen software change the way we work, think, communicate and relate to one another. And by shaping it, we believe we can shape the future.


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A Radically Unique and Unparalleled Design Experience

Budget Range
$60,000 - $120,000

We have 14,000 students who utilize our software system to access practice exams, supplemental material, and other training tools. In the past, we licensed that software from a French company, but in my role, I decided that we needed to have a platform we managed ourselves. I hired MSTQ to help us build our own proprietary system from scratch.

I struggled to find an appropriate vendor during my search, but while browsing, one of my Chrome browser extensions showed me a video of Yazin being interviewed on a podcast. He explained his approach and why he designs the way he does. At the end of the podcast, he gave out his contact information. I quickly sent him an email, which led to a few phone calls to discuss the scope. Through that interaction, I was taken with how he presents himself and his company’s design process.

It's been truly a radically brilliant and enlightening experience. They operate in a unique way. Instead of starting with assumptions, they begin with a hypothesis and then validate that idea several times through different iterations. That process was enlightening. And Yazin brings to the project a groundbreaking level of vigor and dedication to success.

Manager of Innovation
StormWind Studios
about 4 years ago
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