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About Namebase

Your name is the base of your brand.

Namebase ® is a naming company with 20+ years of experience in creating strategically grounded and creatively inspired product, service, and company brand names. Since our founding, our naming professionals have created thousands of marks for national and international companies in all industry.

Using a proprietary five step process, we develop names that are memorable, linguistically sound, and have strong storytelling potential. And unlike some of our competitors, Namebase principals handle every project. We also work in all styles of brand naming: metaphoric, descriptive, coined, creative compounds, and Latin/Greek constructs.

Past and present clients include a range of companies, among them Hershey's, Kraft Foods, Epson, Spectranetics, Novartis, Motorola, Kia Motors, Experian, as well as small businesses and non-profits.

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