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About Nexus DMC

Our brand, Nexus Global Corporation employs a unique process for clients to get results. We empower small businesses to generate sales through a multi layered marketing approach, which we term integrated marketing. Our passion for sales and marketing and our proven track record allow us to help small to mid-sized business owners that do not have the time, sweat equity, budget or knowledge to tackle important marketing functions in a structured manner. Our Global team encompasses the top specialized firms in their respective industries giving our clients top end agency results at small business prices. We provide tools, solutions and channels to help clients succeed.

The shortest path to success is to utilize the credentials, experience and specialized expertise of the best global talent pooled together into one convenient solution. Imagine market research completed by an MBA, design by the best design firm, website development by the most talented programmers and copy from the best writers. This is all possible through our exclusive global team.

Client Reviews (1)

App Growth Marketing for Financial Services Company

Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000

The results of the engagement have been promising so far. Nexus follows a smooth workflow, and they continue to impress the client with their SEO expertise. At the moment, there is no room for any improvements.

Project Manager
Financial Services
almost 2 years ago
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