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Everything we do is through the lens of geography.

We exist to bring brands to where people live their lives. That's because in so many ways, geography is destiny for people. WHERE people live, work and play is inextricably linked to every aspect of life -- from the teams they cheer, to how they talk, to how much money they make or how long they'll live. Similarly, we use data-driven insights to predict how people are motivated by media, neighborhood by neighborhood.

At NOVUS, we offer strategic media planning, analytics, and media buying of digital, search, TV, radio, OOH and print. We are better than anyone at driving traffic where you need it most.

We do this via:
1. Strategic planning with geographic customization, minimizing waste
2. Trade area, store-level insights
3. Sales response based channel optimization
4. Proprietary data and technology we built, for faster, more localized insights
5. Unique combo of speed & service, tools & talent

Client Reviews (4)

Incredible Parntnership!


At, we had an excellent experience working with Novus. We chose them for a few primary reasons: 1) the evident talent of Rob Davis (President and Chief Marketing Officer), 2) focused experience buying media for companies starting at low awareness, 3) cultural fit (answering questions, data-driven, moves fast, resourceful, solution-oriented etc.), 4) strength in both media planning and buying with focus on zip and behavioral targeting and 5) tactic expertise (CTV, YouTube, Social, etc) with startups of our scale/size. Beyond that, we greatly admired their client-centric approach to partnership.

Overall, Novus was incredibly client-centric at every touchpoint, from pricing, to day-to-day support and together, we developed a true partnership. Iā€™m looking forward to continuing our relationship!

Chief Marketing Officer
Financial Services
8 months ago
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