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Response Marketing

We create compelling marketing for wellness brands that inspire physical, emotional or social growth in the lives they touch. With 50+ years of experience, our marketing services include strategy, data analytics, media, social media, content and design.

Like the orange growers in the late 1800’s who successfully differentiated their oranges with visually creative labels that appealed to their customers’ senses, we believe success starts with a grounded foundation and an understanding of the consumers’ emotional motivations. We put this philosophy into action with the Orange Label Approach™.

Through our Orange Label Approach™, we go straight to the source to gain first-party data by asking the right questions to the right people through primary research. We transform these key insights into an actionable marketing plan that resonates with your target audience. Our team optimizes this plan over time to ensure goals are met and we are building long-term brand value. We take ownership of our work–from the way it looks, to how it’s made, to how it performs. That’s why it’s our brand promise to deliver wow creative, stellar experience and better results.

Client Reviews (6)

A creative, attentive and responsive full service marketing agency.


Bixby Land Company was looking to expand its social media presence. When we met with Orange Label they came in prepared with research, data and ideas all geared toward our desires to expand our brand. The results have been great and our exposure has increased in various social media platforms. Bixby has since broadened it's working relationship with Orange Label in various areas of our marketing needs. They continue to impress with their service and quality staff.

Assistant to CEO & President | Marketing Manager
Assistant to CEO & President | Marketing Manager
Commercial Real Estate
almost 5 years ago
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