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We're a creative agency, building bold brand and smart strategies

We build meaningful relationships with our clients, their brands and, of course, their audiences through effective design and engaging solutions.

ORCA is essentially a close-knit bunch of obsessively driven, creative people who thrive on a challenge. Design is what we do, both individually and as a team, and we need clients to keep us challenged. We have the passion, the experience, and the talent. We also have the understanding of what it takes to create novel design solutions and unique strategies and experiences.

We believe in the power of design. It has the ability to communicate, to excite and to make a change. It’s a powerful tool that can have a huge impact. We want your brand to be seen and to be heard.

Client Reviews (4)

Professional, talented and forward thinking



After seeing exciting branding projects coming out of the Orca studios in the past few years, we decided to approach them for one of our housing projects.

From the start, they engaged in the vision and values of our team and used this to involve us in the entire process.

The team at Orca got under the skin of the product and the target demographic and even challenged our understanding of how to influence our stakeholders.

The final branding was natural yet powerful and gave our product the name, image and most importantly the personality it needed.

The team at Orca have been great to work with on a professional level but also on a personal level. They have strong values, and work ethic; this is evident in the way they communicate and deliver their work at every stage of the project.

Hico Homes
Real Estate
11 months ago
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