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World-class Augmented and Virtual Activations for Massive Audiences

We are osoBorroso, a full-service award-winning no-boundaries immersive content studio. Check out our best commercial projects: http://tiny.cc/reel23 (52 sec)

🟑 Expertly providing global brands and advertising agencies with world-class augmented and virtual activations.

⚫️ Proudly teaming up with EA Sports FIFA 23 β€’ Wimbledon Championships β€’ WWF β€’ Pepsi β€’ Nike β€’ Budweiser β€’ Nivea β€’ Red Bull β€’ Monster Energy β€’ Walmart β€’ NTT β€’ Leo Burnett β€’ OMD Worldwide β€’ Southern Made β€’ Livewire Sport, among many others.

🟑 Effectively overseeing the entire production process of AR/VR projects, from initial briefing to final publishing, even in a matter of days.

⚫️ Skillfully solving creative and technical challenges for Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and WebAR, as well as Roblox, Mozilla Hubs, and WebVR.

🟑 Successfully delivering for FMCG marketing campaigns, major sport events, immersive music shows, videogame launches, humanitarian missions, and environmental charity actions.

www.osoborroso.com β€” [email protected]

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