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Why we're unique

Current and past clients include;
Liquipel, Skullcandy, Red Bull, Uber, NEFF, VICE Magazine, SAPPORO, Converse, Coldcock Whiskey, Skrillex, Datsik, Getter, Silverback Management, Coalatree, The Dirty Heads, Pepper, Lindsey Stirling, Osiris Shoes, Ernie Ball, Safe In Sound Festival, Identity Festival, Warped Tour, Pacific Fest OC, Honest Tea, California Shabu, Bandpage, Aircom Audio, Borgore, Buygore Records, Firepower Records, HK Army and PopDrop.

About Peerless Group

We build and expand brands and musicians.

Peerless Group is a multifaceted marketing agency based in Irvine, California, serving a variety of lifestyle companies. In April 2012, Peerless Group was launched as a new type of marketing agency — one committed to providing a much higher level of service to clients based on applying the best industry practices to the new marketing demands of the 21st century.

We combine years of unparalleled experience having executed innovative marketing campaigns, brand strategy, retail distribution, event production, national tours, trade shows, video production, social media campaigns, promotions, artist management and music/celebrity brand ambassador campaigns from decades of service with some of the most elite brands, tours, trade shows, interactive firms, marketing networks and advertising networks in the world.

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