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Integrated Media Agency

Call us innovative. Call us insightful. Call us when you want your brand to be noticed in a meaningful way. Because we believe in the power of big ideas. Ideas that, when combined with creative positioning, lead to multidimensional media campaigns that are not just noticed, but talked about, pointed out, clicked to, engaged with and impossible to ignore.

PGR Media was born in NYC as a media-consulting firm established to fuel emerging brands with creative media thinking.

Our independence and agile size allow an unconventional approach to the marketplace. And with offices in Boston and NYC and partners around the globe, our clients get the dedicated talent of a small agency, with the global reach of a large media network.

We marry the art of persuasion with the science of numbers to create a balance of branding and accountability. By crafting integrated media strategies that combine creative, media and analytics, we connect the best audiences to some of the best-known brands in the world.

We believe in bringing brilliant ideas to life by connecting the most desired consumers to relevant brands through the most relied-upon media channels. This relationship allows us to change the way people let your brand into their lives.

And we believe every client is important. So we surround your business with media gurus who balance the art and science of media planning to create programs that are memorable. Relevant. And on brand.

Our proprietary planning method, PGRConnect, measures results and creates memorable media success stories.

With a deep foundation of industry knowledge, leading industry research (MRI, MMR, CMR, plan) and proprietary tools like Geotracker, Demotracker and Mindframe, PGR crafts engaging media plans that ensure impact and efficiency.

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