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We Move Dreams

Pininfarina stands for Elegance, Purity, and Innovation. Our firm focuses on design and engineering services and products that impact lives and create unique experiences.
Listed on the Stock Exchange since 1986, Pininfarina has offices in Italy, Germany, China and the United States.

Pininfarina’s main activities include transportation design (yachts, aircraft, private jets and people movers), industrial design (electronics, sports goods, furnishings, equipment and machinery, consumer goods, graphic design and packaging), architecture and interiors design (residential projects, hospitality, sports and commercial structures), and car design.

Pininfarina represents today one of the most prestigious brands in Architecture & Interiors and Industrial Design with more than 600 projects realized and dozens of international design awards achieved.
Among the most recent are the 2016 International Architecture Award for the Istanbul New Airport ATC Tower, the 2016 iF Design Award assigned to the Cyrela by Pininfarina skyscraper in Sao Paolo, and the 2015 American Architecture Award and 2017 German Design Award to Vitra, skyscraper in Brazil.
In 2018, Guamari published their annual ranking of the top Italian architecture firms, particularly their Top 100 Italian Architecture and Design Firm list where Pininfarina earned 5th place.

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Our Work

Each project is founded on the goal of humanizing innovation and technology to create designs that are both aesthetically powerful and boundary-pushing, reflecting the core Pininfarina values of purity, elegance, and innovation.

Pininfarina is a reliable and competent partner to firms wishing to use design as a strategic asset for their product development process and a tool of communication to improve their position in the market.

The Pininfarina portfolio of services covers design, engineering, and conception and manufacturing of unique cars or very small runs.
The design scope includes transportation, industrial design, architecture and interior design.

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