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Why we're unique

PIXO's apps and games for global brands delivers mobile engagement and optimization powered by analytics with PUSH enabled dashboards.

PIXO’s application development process allows brands to rapidly customize powerful experiences, expediting delivery of deep engagement while reducing costs. We have developed apps & games for Ford, Buick, the Navy, Harman Kardon, HoMedics, Relativity Media and many more.

Our advanced analytics engine gives brands the power to intelligently gauge user interaction within the application, giving immediate feedback and actionable datasets. Optimizing the analytics from apps, ebooks, games, etc and allows for an experience that actually evolves and grows between the publisher / brand and the user.

PIXO’s proprietary interface empowers the brand through segmented and optimized marketing, including in-app push notifications, targeted messaging, and unique content delivery by sending pre-determined rewards to segmented and targeted users based on their actions.

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