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About Us

PlusUp is a paid media consultancy that helps brands and their agencies deliver effective advertising on leading social networks and other digital channels. Our team operates as an extension of your marketing department offering capabilities including:

+ paid social strategy/planning

+ media buying

+ technical deployment projects (pixel management, product catalogs/data feeds, Web-based data analytics and more)

+ conversion strategies for in-house support

Since 2010, the PlusUp team has managed more than $500 million in paid social activity for brands including Walmart, Target, Allstate, AT&T, and more. As a result, PlusUp has developed an expertise in the foundational marketing technologies required for successful advertising on Facebook and other social networks.

For more information, please email us at [email protected]

Client Reviews (2)

An Extension of My Teams


I've been fortunate to know the founders of PlusUp before they came together to form the org. The team at PlusUp is solid. I've always had incredible respect for them, trust in their work and seen them as an extension of my teams. James has incredible insight into the platforms and has always provided perspective that has led to positive change in our strategies. Patrick's leadership is always appreciated and has helped me to introduce new approaches to my leadership teams. They've built a fantastic org and continued to surround themselves with a talented team.

VP, Media
Inspire Brands
Food & Beverages
about 4 years ago
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