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About Us

PlusUp is a paid social consultancy that helps brands and their agencies deliver effective advertising on leading social networks. Our team operates as an extension of your marketing department offering capabilities including:

+ paid social strategy/planning

+ media buying

+ technical deployment projects (pixel management, product catalogs/data feeds, Web-based data analytics and more)

+ conversion strategies for in-house support

Since 2010, the PlusUp team has managed more than $500 million in paid social activity for brands including Walmart, Target, Allstate, AT&T, and more. As a result, PlusUp has developed an expertise in the foundational marketing technologies required for successful advertising on Facebook and other social networks.

For more information, please email us at [email protected]

Client Reviews (1)

Excellent social monetization specialist

Social Media

Budget Range
greater than $200,000

Before joining the company, the marketing team could not get decent returns on social including Facebook and IG. After churning through several generalist agencies, we found PlusUp, a specialist in the space. Within weeks we were pushing the most substantial paid social returns in the company's history. This was due entirely to the partnership with PlusUp. I highly recommend them!

Chief Digital Officer
American Apparel
7 months ago
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