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About Us

PriestmanGoode is an industrial design consultancy that delivers exceptional brand experiences for a roster of leading international companies.

From aircraft interiors, airports, public transport and high speed trains to hotels and consumer products, our diverse portfolio enables us to draw from our experience across different sectors to deliver new innovations. This unique way of thinking has led us to become brand and innovation partners with a number of leading companies around the world.

Using design as a strategic tool to transform businesses, we use our unique global viewpoint to deliver solutions that are tailored to place brands and cultures on the world stage, helping our clients achieve holistic brand experiences and customer loyalty.

Our designs are about people: from end users to maintenance staff, they are used by millions every year. We’re interested in how things work and how to improve them. We believe great design should be simple, elegant, intuitive, easy to maintain and efficient to manufacture.

Our company is steeped in the tradition of great British design, but our experience over the years, our interest in the new and our ambition to redefine expectations of great design has led us to become leaders in our field. We define future trends and are at the forefront of global design today.

In April 2016, we made the transition to an employee-owned company. PriestmanGoode is now majority owned by an Employee Ownership Trust.

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