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The Key to Social Media is that there is no Key

Project Bionic is your brand's social media team. We are a group of experts who create and execute a full-service, comprehensive social media plan. We are writers, designers, analysts and community managers with years of experience crafting an engaging, ROI-driven online voice amid the social clutter. If it's social, we do it. Excellently.


Social Media resides in the eye of the beholder. Some businesses see it as the Holy Grail, the answer to all their problems, a magic wand that will cure all that ails them and physically force new customers to buy their products. Others see it as a fad, a nuisance, a medium to only engage with grudgingly.

The truth lies in the middle. Social Media is a tool. It’s a microphone. It’s a comment card. It’s a round table. It’s a billboard. It’s a therapist’s office. It can be many things, which is why Social Media is such a wonderful tool for brands. But it’s not magic.

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