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Why Proof?

Proof is a collection of diverse, talented people located in Austin, New York, San Antonio, and Houston. We are independently owned and free from the red tape and creative limitations of a parent company. That’s probably why we’ve garnered our fair share of accolades over the years. We’ve been featured in Ad Age, Adweek, Creativity, Communication Arts, Campaign, Fast Company, and The New York Times. Subway named us Agency of the Year three times, Expedia awarded us back-to-back Most Innovative Campaign honors, and we’ve been recognized by Ad Age as a Small Agency of the Year winner at the national and regional level five times.

We’re called Proof for a reason: we’re proof hunters. We explore your company, global culture, insights, data, and every kind of consumer to find the most powerful point of liberation for your brand. And every brand needs to be liberated from something: old ideas, old ways of doing things, short-term gains versus purpose-led strategies, chasing clicks rather than creating inspired content.

Every brand gets stuck.
But brands want to grow.
Growth requires freedom.
Freedom to move, to make new connections, new relationships.
To inspire. To become truly valuable.

And the exciting news is that so much is possible. We are living in a design-driven world with engaged consumers who don’t want to be sold to, they want to be collaborated with. Proof is a brand liberation agency, and we free brands to create, connect, grow, and become valuable in ways they never thought possible.

For New Business inquiries, please contact:

Bryan Christian
(512) 217-4882
[email protected]

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