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The Geofencing Marketing Search Agency

Propellant Media is a modern media consultancy providing cutting edge digital solutions to organizations, other agencies, and enterprises. Our solutions include Paid Search (Pay Per Click Advertising), Geofencing Marketing, OTT/Connected TV Advertising, SEO, Paid Social, Data Analytics & Reporting.

We help our clients maximize engagement in a digital, mobile and social world. Starting with data-led insights we design programs that integrate programmatic display, search, mobile and social media advertising to transform our clients' customer and prospect interactions.

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Non Profit Adwords - Google Grants Pro

This is a non profit public radio station. Many people are unaware of this, but Google offers a grant program worth $10,000/month for real 501c'3 with websites that have substantial content. We took over the account, optimized and managed it. As a result, we maxed out their budget, which was one of the criteria required to get them to the GrantsPro, which is $40,000/month.

We easily achieved that within several months, and now the client has the advertising spend to execute on many of their programs through the Google PPC we've done.

Client Reviews (7)

The Answer to How am I Going to Offer Digital to my Customers.

Digital Strategy

Budget Range
less than $20,000

I wanted to start my own digital marketing agency, after working for a cable company that sold digital. I looked into the brand that I wanted, and they had $10,000 a month minimums, and an annual contract. As a new, small agency, there was no way that I could guarantee that kind of money. I searched white label companies and came across Propellant Media. There were no minimums for me to buy and low minimums to place an order. They were the answer that I had been looking for! I did some research and found out that they were exactly what they said that they were! I jumped in and have never looked back! My customers are so happy! They are receiving even better results than they did with my cable company and I am able to offer Geo-Fencing, which was my main goal! The reporting is accurate and easy to read. They are quick to make changes and I get what I pay for! I loved them so much, that after 4 months of buying their product, I started representing them as well! I can't say enough good things about them. They are truly a lifesaver, for an agency like mine!

Media Solutions
Marketing and Advertising
about 5 years ago
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